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With an area of 4000 m2, the Slaughterhouse operates with a capacity of 150 species, 300 pigs and 2000 cattle per day.

Advanced Technology

The plant, designed in three parallel slaughter lines, specializes in the collection, slaughter and deep processing of beef, pork and young livestock.

Guaranteed Quality

The slaughter process is monitored by the veterinary service of the Municipality of Korca as well as by the company veterinarian who follows a protocol of strict rules and laws.

Fast Delivery

Sales offices are located almost all over Albania where it is possible to distribute the products in real time, fast and efficiently.

Tona Alb

About Us

Tona-Alb company, established in 2014 in the city of Korca, is one of the largest meat collection, slaughtering and processing plants in Albania, designed in accordance with European standards. With an area of 4000 m2 and designed in three parallel slaughter lines, this plant specializes in the collection, slaughter and deep processing of beef, pork and flock. Read More

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Code: 1000


Code: 1000

Whole Carcass

Code: 1001

Half Carcass

Code: 1002

Fat-free Hinds and ends

Code: 1003

Hinds, ends, bacon

Code: 1004

Shoulder and neck

Code: 1005

Thighs with bones and tail

Code: 1006

Thighs with bones

Code: 1007

Thighs with bones without external muscle

Code: 1008

Rear Leg

Code: 1009

Rear Leg cut

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Code: 2000

Dhjamë pa lëkurë

Code: 2001


Code: 2002


Code: 2003

Bishti i derrit

Code: 2004


Code: 2005


Code: 2006

Mish pa lëkurë

Code: 2007

Mish me lëkurë

Code: 2008

Pancetë me kockë

Code: 2009

Brinjë nga shpatulla

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Code: 2000
Code: 3000


Code: 3000

Whole Carcass

Code: 3001

Half Carcass

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Our Products

CODE: 1000
CODE: 2000
CODE: 3000

Tona-Alb offers fresh meat products in the form of: Whole carcass, half carcass, as well as anatomical division

of meat according to customer requirements and needs. Our company has also invested in the packaging sector,

where anatomical parts are packaged in a packaging suitable for preserving the quality and taste of meat.

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